Noa Headhsot 2 Noa's life long engagement with the arts is her main driving force and passion. She started studying classical piano as a child and then moved to classical ballet and modern dance through till high school.

From there, she made her move to acting and singing as she performed on stage and on screen as a professional actor, singer and dancer and she never stopped singing even while completing her fine arts and graphic design diploma. After arriving to Vancouver from Israel in 2000, Noa continued with acting and voice training at 'Lyric' and most recently with vocal coach Jennifer Scott. Noa holds a fine arts teacher certificate and she has facilitated workshops in art and drama with children of all different ages. She currently sings with Brian Tate's 'City Soul Choir' and is also an enthusiastic photographer. Noa's work has been published and presented at group exhibition.


Noa's enthusiasm for Music Together® began when she and her son Lior were taking classes. It is the joy of singing and the love of community music making that lifts her soul and opens her heart. She is thrilled to combine her passion for music with empowering parents and nurturing children's natural curiosity. Noa has completed her Music Together training and is a registered Music Together teacher.

  • "Noa is an inspirational teacher, whom has given both my daughter and I the confidence to sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching. This is our 3rd term with her, and we plan to sign up again in the winter."
    Kerry - Music Together mom

  • Noa
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