katy Katy is a life-long music student, and a parent of two preschoolers. Her most recent musical endeavors include formal training in piano and discovering her voice in a local community choir, The Acapellaboratory, where she sings soprano.

Prior to that, she played both the trumpet and clarinet in school and studied conducting and music composition. She is also enjoying learning to play the guitar and ukulele. Through the choir, Katy has discovered the ecstatic joy of group singing and music making and wants to share that experience with everyone! With Music Together®, she has found a way to share that passion with other families.

Upon becoming a parent, Katy’s rekindled passion for music became so entirely distracting that she felt compelled to make it a part of her professional life. She maintains organizational, business and other creative skills from her degree and career in fashion design, but much prefers the art and joy of music making to haute couture - now music is a stronger part of her family and working life!

Katy’s warm, friendly and energetic disposition make her well suited for Music Together. She is excited to foster music competency in young children through dance, singing and working with rhythmic and tonal patterns - and is a convert from her experience seeing how her own children loved and grew musically with the Music Together program. Katy has successfully completed the Music Together Teaching Workshop developed by the Center for Music and Young Children, Princeton, New Jersey.


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