Big Kids Music Together® for Ages 5, 6 and 7
Keeping music fun for kids and creating a lifetime association of joy and music!


Parents, why would you consider putting your children in this class?

Children will move from being in the ‘follower role’ during music making to being in the ‘leadership role’. In the parent-child classes, the parents hold the music group together and the children immerse themselves in this music environment like they would immerse themselves in a language environment. In the Big Kids Music Together class, the children will have an expectation to create the music environment for themselves. If music is to be created, it will come from them!


Parent Participation

At Music Together, we still believe it’s important to make music together as a family no matter what your age, so we have included parent participation within our model.
Classes will be one hour in length and the first day will be full parent/caregiver participation with all of the families making music together that day. (No siblings – just Big Kids and their parents. Please arrange play dates or childcare for younger siblings if necessary).
Each week after that, parents/caregivers (and siblings) will be invited to attend for the last ten minutes of the class including the Play-Along Jam, the Lullaby and the Goodbye Song.
On the last day of classes, we will have the parents/caregivers and Big Kids come together again so that we can invite the parents and caregivers to join us and participate in the music making that has been happening all term.
There will be a take-home music element to this class as well so we hope that this will encourage big kids to share what they are learning with their parents and encourage parents to stay involved and support the learning that is happening in the class.


Big Kids will get their own music books that include activity pages and solfege patterns. We will be working with the current collections of Music Together music so that we can begin working musically with songs we are familiar with. It’s much more fun to go to a sing-along when you know the songs!


Age Range

The Big Kids Music Together class is for children ages five, six and seven and children must be five years old by the first day of classes. Research shows that children thrive in mix aged learning environments with younger children learning from the older ones and older children having an opportunity to build their confidence and flex their leadership muscles.

Holistic Music Learning

Big Kids Music Together encourages musical growth not only through instrument play but also through singing and dance. It is an excellent compliment to formal music instruction. By incorporating the whole body into the music making process as well as working with singing, composition and creative musical play, children begin to gain fluency with music that goes beyond literacy and allows them to truly feel the music well enough to predict and play with its parts.

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