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With the first warm rays of the summer sun, registration for summer and fall is here! 

See all of our registration dates for each location here and check our our fall and summer schedules here. :) 

"I believe that singing and dancing are a birthright and the earlier we share the joy of both, the better. Some of you have been in Music Together for several years now and you know first-hand the benefits of staying engaged in music activities over time. In fact, the research suggests that as young children develop, it is only through a combination of exposure to music and a chance to experiment with music-making that they learn to become music makers. And of course, this doesn't happen in one ten-week semester—it occurs over time. We offer children a chance to take in music information (exposure) and a chance to play with that information (experimentation). Because we understand how young children learn, we allow this learning to take place without expectations or pressure to perform. For a child, what can be better than that?! We welcome you back this Summer to pass down the tradition of community music making to your children and we are looking forward to singing and making music with your family with all of the songs from our new  collections!" Katherine 
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