katherinecollage-thumbCentre Director and Teacher
Katherine Deane, director and teacher of West Side Music Together®, has been a teacher of drama, music, and dance and a favorite nanny to children of all ages throughout her life.

katiecollageKatie Brock has been teaching since the fall of 2006 and has attended Music Together® classes with her son Sam and daughter Isobel since the summer of 2005.

donalyncollageDonalyn started taking her daughter, Charlotte, to Music Together® classes in the summer of 2006 and she loved it so much – the diverse music, the warm community of families, the exercise (!), the fun – that she decided to become a Music Together teacher.

joancollageJoan started exploring her musical nature later in life. After singing in a community choir for three years and dabbling in African dance and hand-drumming, she began learning to play Zimbabwean-style marimba.

heidicollage Heidi grew up in a musical family. Her father is the Squire of the Vancouver Morris Men, with whom he dances and for whom he plays many instruments.

Noa Headhsot 2 Noa's life long engagement with the arts is her main driving force and passion. She started studying classical piano as a child and then moved to classical ballet and modern dance through till high school.

Tanya Tanya had two main loves in life growing up, one was sport and the other was music. With her young ear pressed against a speaker, she listened to her parents vinyl records, like Patsy Cline and Johnny cash, and a passion was born.

Wendy began teaching Music Together® in Marin County, California. She is a singer/songwriter, plays guitar and ukelele and is a Kundalini yoga teacher and chant artist.

Shasta's lifelong love affair with music began with singing around the campfire and on long car rides with her family.

katy Katy is a life-long music student, and a parent of two preschoolers. Her most recent musical endeavors include formal training in piano and discovering her voice in a local community choir, The Acapellaboratory, where she sings soprano.

Roya Headshot 2Roya is a pianist, choral director, singer/songwriter, and ESL/English teacher. She discovered Music Together® through friends with children, and also attended a few classes with her niece! Truly impressed by the program, Roya enrolled in the Music Together® teacher training.

Shellana HeadshotShellana has a passion for music and dance and has been singing, writing, and performing songs on her own and with others for as long as she can remember.

10842149 10100400576943616 3550042560145349913 oJohanna has been singing for as long as she can remember. Thankfully, her parents encouraged this love of music by putting her in a choir, enrolling her in musical theatre camps and by providing her with classical piano and voice lessons.

Webb Patrice
The great joy Patrice and his daughter Mahalia (who is now 6) shared going to several seasons of Music Together and the friends he met in choir who also taught Music Together got him thinking...maybe I could do this too? Now he is!

Laura Headshot Sepia
Laura has an extensive background in the Performing Arts. Growing up she studied private voice instruction and trained at various musical theatre programs and dance schools. Laura has been involved in the Greater Vancouver area musical theatre scene for the past twenty years.

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