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Help us raise $3800 to fund the next 2 terms of Music Together classes for moms in the downtown East Side at Crabtree Corner YWCA. 

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We all have a birthright to learn the basics of music making. It allows us to bond with our family and our community and supports so much of our development cognitively and emotionally. We want to share this Music Together opportunity with moms on the downtown east side so they can experience the joys of family music making.

Here are a few of the beautiful moments that our teacher, Heidi has already witnessed in her classes at Crabtree corner this fall: 
"This mom has told me that she hears her son singing our songs in the stroller and at home. Today, for the first time, he sat on my lap for the dyad and danced with me during our free dance. At the beginning of term, he was very attached to Mom, but today I observed him venturing away in a way that shows me he feels safe, secure, and comfortable in our circle. I feel certain this program is valuable to Mom, especially the opportunity to be part of a supportive music-making community." 
"In spite of a hearing impairment, I've heard this little girl spontaneously sing in class many times. She moves around the classroom with confidence and respect for others and enthusiastically participates in our rituals. Her mom has expressed an interest in attending the WSMT Winter Ball with her family.” 
"At the beginning of our term, this little girl clung to Mom and didn't actively participate in music-making. Today I observed her smiling gleefully with anticipation during the pauses in our music-making! She now sits with our YWCA assistant regularly giving Mom one-on-one time with her son."