Our History


Welcome to West Side Music Together. We’re proud to have served over 10,000 families in the last 15 years! 

In 2001, I attended Music Together® classes with my niece at East Bay Music Together in Oakland California. I had a tonne of fun in the classes and it must have showed, because the owner of the centre asked me if I would be interested in teaching! Well, I love it so much I decided to bring Music Together to Vancouver in 2004. At the time, I was also pursuing my degree in Music Therapy and found so many similarities between the basic principles of Music Together and what I was learning in school. This gave me even more confidence in the rock solid research and development that are the foundations of Music Together. I knew this was the program for me. We started with fourteen families and have grown to serving over 750 families a week. It is our passion to bring music making into the lives of as many families as I can. We may not all grow up to be music performers but we all have a birthright to learn the basics of music making so we can sing along to our favourite songs and dance at the school dance with our heart open. Let's raise kids who become confident enough adults to dance and sing along to the songs of their culture without any fears or hesitations.

Here at West Side Music Together, our greatest joy comes from seeing children discover music.

West Side Music Togethersd offers classes Tuesday through Saturday in Vancouver and on the Norht Shore serving children and families in Kitsilano, UBC, Kerrsidale, False Creek, South Cambie, Downtown, the East Side and West Vancouver.