Covid-19 Indoor Protocols for Music Together®

Adults are required to wear a mask during class since we are singing together. We appreciate your effort to wear a mask to protect our teacher who will be singing with many people in the same rooom over a period of 3 hours. We are providing our teachers with specialized and adapted, fabric lined visors used by speech therapists so everyone will be able to see the teacher's face.

Class maximum varies from center to center depending on the room size and each family will have an assigned spot in the room. 

Each family will be given a bag of istruments to use during class and all instruments will be sanitized before the next lesson. No instruments will be used for more than one class group. 

Please wash hands before entering the room. 

Please do not attend class if any member of the family has any symptoms: headache, sniffles, runny nose, sore throat etc. 

Unlimted ONLINE make-ups will be available to each family. No in-person make-ups availble.