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Don’t take our word for it—hear what other happy Music Together® families have to say about West Side Music Together music classes for kids!

"Thank you for running such an inspirational and educational program! We are hooked on Music Together®. My 14 month old daughter absolutely loves listening to the CDs."    

Lisa - Music Together mom

"Music Together is so far the best thing we have done for our little one, that's for sure."

Tanja - Music Together mom

"We enjoyed every minute of the class. Not only did it allow us to let William explore music, but participating in the class really helped him learn to share." 

Dawn - Music Together mom

"Madeline is always singing, when she plays on her own, in the car, on walks... listening to her really tugs at my heart. We're all looking forward to another great season of new songs."

Stephanie - Music Together mom

"We're looking forward to doing music again with the boys. They really enjoy singing and dancing at home (and know the Tambourine CD by heart now...)"   

Cynthia - Music Together mom

"I have found the song collections to be useful to me as a parent....when things get overwhelming, singing a song with the kids or starting a dance party helps calm me down and be a better mom. The kids and I have appreciated and benefited from our classes with you. So, thank you - you have made a difference."  

Nicole - Music Together mom